Client Reviews


Highly Recommend For Family Law And Collaborative Practice Divorce

I would highly recommend Emily De Falla for family law matters and collaborative practice divorce. Not only is she strong and outspoken when necessary, but she is also remarkably insightful and perceptive – two qualities which are particularly important during a collaborative practice divorce. Her communication was clear, calm and kind as she guided me through the complexities of the divorce process. You will be well-represented with Emily De Falla as your lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Highly Recommended Experienced & Respectful

Emily De Falla offered me great advice from our very first phone conversation. That advice proved extremely helpful to achieving the desired outcome of my case. Her ability to be flexible with her schedule combined with her capability to work remotely made attending our meetings a bit easier for me and my 2 year old son. The value of her attention to detail became clearly apparent during our court session – of all the attorneys in court that particular day, she seemed a rose among many thorns and I was proud to have her representing me. I found Emily De Falla to be highly intelligent and well spoken, as well as extremely thoughtful and considerate. Bottom line: Emily De Falla is a winner, you should hire her!

- (5 star review)

Emily De Falla is smart, wise, fair and has a Heart!!!

I highly recommend Emily because I completely respect her wisdom and admire her wealth of knowledge. She is extremely generous with her time and beyond fair. What was truly rare and the most important trait to me was her empathetic nature, her HEART and her desire to connect with your heart. She not only hears you, but genuinely listens and so can properly guide. It’s a privilege to know and be known by Emily De Falla!!!

- (5 star review)

Emily De Falla: Extraordinary, astute, knowledgeable, tenacious and compassionate.

I find myself extremely fortunate to have Emily De Falla as my attorney. She has been able to resolve very difficult situations and has always notified me of changes taking place. I find her to be an very intelligent and experienced attorney. She is persistent and does not take no as an answer. To say that Emily goes the extra mile for her clients, is an understatement. I have worked with other attorneys and none of them come close to Emily. She cares about what she is doing and treats her clients with concern and respect. Without Emily, I would not be where I am now.

- (5 star review)