Building A Bridge To Resolution

While many divorces still go through the standard litigation process, there are other options available. Mediation is an alternative that gives you and your spouse the opportunity to work through the divorce in a cooperative, respectful manner, avoiding much of the cost and emotional damage that comes from the traditional divorce process.


Mediation Is Different

You have heard the stories about the emotional and financial scarring that divorce can entail. The process may involve a lot of pain – especially for the children. Divorce mediation is different. Working with an attorney/mediator as a trained neutral, you and your spouse can separate your lives and your belongings with integrity and respect. Each side is heard and agreements are reached together.


The Role Of The Mediator

Mediation can take much of the anger and frustration out of the divorce. My role as a mediator is to facilitate meetings between you and your spouse, and guide you through divorce negotiations keeping the balance of power and equalizing differences. As a neutral third party, I do not represent either spouse or take sides. I provide you with a safe environment for dialogue and keep the discussions focused on working out agreements on the most important issues. I’ll help you find solutions that preserve the dignity of your family and avoid court if at all possible.

Mediation is especially beneficial when children are involved in the divorce. I will work with you and your spouse to place the needs of the children first. Together, we will focus on prioritizing peaceful resolutions and minimizing emotional stress.


Advantages Of Mediation 

  • Saves Time and Money – Mediation avoids the formal court process and long, drawn out litigation saving you time and extensive attorney fees.
  • Neutral Third Party   A mediator is a neutral third party you can trust to help you negotiate a settlement in the best interest of the whole family.
  • Experienced Guidance -A mediator is divorce professional who listens to each spouse and can often envision options and offer solutions that neither party had thought of. 


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